Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank You for Your Interest In the Federal Highway Program

This is a retirement blog (I used the phrase, "Thank You..." at the retirement party on Aug 28, 2008 which used the banner on the left - also retiring was Frank Clark)

There are 5 content narrative posts here and a bunch of pictures:

- For people who like stories, there is a 10,000+ word compilation of my favorites at the post called, "Here are lots of stories". It has some commentary as well so its not pure narrative.

- For people who like top ten lists even though there is a lot of technical language in them (e.g., references to specific statutory phrases), there is a compilation of some of them I was asked (or encouraged) to create over the period 1991-2007 called, "Top Ten Lists".

- For people who want to see what other people said as they were retiring or pretending to retire or dying, see the post called "some famous farewells".

- For people who vaguely remember a November 2000 email I sent (which was, as I understand it, widely circulated), see the post called, "Here is the November 9, 2000 document".

- For people who want to read a 'farewell' that's not too different from everybody else's farewell, see this post.

- I didn't tell all my stories. The final content post is
a list of some story titles that I might get around to narrating someday.
- The office produced a bunch of images for the occasion of the retirement party. These are separate posts.
Also, I shared my retirement party with Frank Clark. Mr. Clark was the expert in Interstate Designation. He had that job from about 1998 to 2008. Before him a fellow named Frank Dooley held that job from about 1980 to 1998. Before him a fellow named Dick Schoenenberg held that job.

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