Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Final Comments

(on the left is a poster used at my retirement party; its cute but in truth I'm not nearly that beaten down - I frequently use the stairs instead of the escalator on the metrorail).

The other posts are interesting and have stories or other amusing items.

In this post I want to say:

- I'm grateful to have worked with some really wonderful people on interesting assignments and I certainly have a lot of stories to tell about work.

- I want to apologize to anyone I failed to thank when they helped me (I'm pretty sure this happened a lot and even though I think I got better at this, it was probably my most serious systemic flaw followed by my frequent failure to get other people the acknowledgment they deserved when they did great work).

- There were also a few things I didn't like (e.g., the commute, the over-PC-ness, the occasional unjustified bureaucratic self importance (see the Nov 9, 2000 email), the redundancy of management protocols - see the first top ten list) but this or something like it probably happens in many, possibly most, jobs.

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